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​Palmer Bus Service provides pupil transportation services to Minnesota Schools. We take pride in providing safe and reliable transportation with a high degree of customer service. Currently Palmer Bus Service employs about 900 employees and operates about 600 buses, vans and trucks.

Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School and Palmer Bus Service have been partners in transporting students at MVL since 2003.  In this partnership with Palmer Bus Service, we have been blessed to work with bus drivers who really seem to enjoy transporting our students to and from school and for activities and events.  Our site manager has been responsive to our needs and goes out of his way to work with the various schedules and logistical challenges that come along.  The good people who manage and administrate Palmer Bus Service continue to insure that our relationship grows through quality service and excellent customer relations.  Thank you, Palmer Bus Service, for being partners with Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School!

Tim Plath
MVLHS Principal

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

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Palmer Bus Service began in St. Clair, MN in 1974, with 8 buses and a dream. It is a family owned and operated business that has grown over the years with the hard work and commitment of many individuals​​. We are committed to our Purpose and Core Values. They represent WHO we are as a company.

​Serving our communities by safely transporting students

​​​1. Safety and quality of service are essential.

​2. We are honest, have integrity and are ethical in our business.

3. We treat each employee with dignity and as an individual.

4. We are a business family and we help each other.

​5. We are responsible and contribute to the communities we serve.